Keep Cover and Carry On

Help, how and why to stay protected while managing the pounds and pence

Pandemic, energy costs, fuel prices - where does it end?

There's now three certainties in life - death, taxes and the cost of living.

These are tough times so you’re probably shopping around to save a few quid, or looking to recalibrate your finances. We say go you. But we also want to ensure you keep cover, protecting your family with Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.

Here’s our guides, tips and links to money saving sites so you can stay on track, and stay protected.

In a crisis - keep cover and carry on

Man and woman under umbrella looking content in the rain

With costs stacking up, life insurance may seem like a luxury, but “some protection is always better than none”

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Seven reasons to review your life insurance cover

Man and woman looking at paperwork

Your policy isn't carved into stone - is it time for a review? Why now might just be the ideal moment

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Can I get a refund if I cancel my life insurance?

Man looking thoughtful

Thinking about cancelling your protection insurance? Here's what you need to know

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Insurer benefits and extra support

If you have an existing policy in place, you may be surprised to find that many UK insurers provide extra value services. These vary by insurer but can include virtual/ telephone GP appointments and counselling, as well as legal, housing and employment advice.

Clink the link below to see what support is provided by your insurer.


Insurer benefits

Unsure how much cover you should have?

Click the link below for some guidance on what might work for you...

What’s the ‘right amount’ of life cover?

It’s different for everyone. To figure out the ‘right amount’ of cover for you, you’ll want to factor in your outstanding debt, your family commitments (now and in future) and what you can afford to spend each month in premiums.

Our calculator will help. And after you calculate the ‘right amount’ of cover, give us a call (or leave your details we’ll call you) so LifeSearch can search the market for policies that match what you’re after.


Plug in your commitments to understand what cover's good for you.


Any mortgage left to pay?

How much have you left on any current mortgages in your name


Loans, credit cards & other debts

Total up all the non-mortgage debt you have: loans, credit cards, overdrafts and any other borrowing


Potential funeral costs

The average UK funeral costs between £4,000 and £5,000. If you have expensive tastes or a massive family, it may be more. Worth thinking about.


Childcare, school or higher education costs

You’ll know your childcare, private school or tuition fee obligations. But did you know it costs roughly £1,500 - £2,500 per year to fund one child through state school? There’s sports, activities, after school clubs, uniforms, travel expenses, technology (such as a laptop or iPad) to consider.


Additional lump sum

Life insurance covers your obligations and debt. A lump sum on top offers extra comfort and options for your family after you’ve gone

£ -

Existing life insurance, savings & investments

Total up any savings, investments and life insurance policies that you intend to keep. When you die your savings go towards your debt anyway - so it’s important you’re not ‘over-insured’. That’s just a waste of money.

Your total cover estimate:

£ 0

Let us find the best cover for you!

Get advice & quote

Not sure about your calculation? We can help you choose the cover level to suit you with free advice here.

Remember, this only estimates how much you might need to help you make your decision.

The LifeSearch Health Wealth and Happiness Report 2022

Covering 2021 and early 2022, LifeSearch examine UK health and mental health, finances, reflections, friendship and our fears for the future. Click the link below to take a look at the annual LifeSearch deep-dive into UK trends, experiences, finances, and emotions.

HWH 2022

Previous reports

2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020/2021 Q1


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Advice and guides...

We've picked 3 guides we think you may find helpful, but you can visit the Advice and guides hub for more.

Can I change life insurance companies?

And probably the most important question - should you? Find out in this guide!

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4 top tips to lower your life insurance premiums

Looking for the best deal on your life insurance? Get the low-down here!

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The 10 reasons why you need life insurance now

Here are our top 10 reasons to get your life insurance sorted today

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Helpful links & tools...

We've scoured the web to find you some top sites where you could save money at the pump, in the supermarket or by searching for better deals on your credit cards & loans. It pays to shop around, and the same goes with your protection - we're here to help with advice & quotes, fee-free.*

LifeSearch are not affiliated or financially linked with any of the websites below. If you are in any trouble with debt and outgoings, please speak to your local Citizens Advice.


Tips and guidance for saving cash across a range of consumer goods and services.


Check your credit score and compare providers to find credit that suits you.

RAC Fuel Calculator

Helps you cost up journeys with additional tips and fuel pricing guides.


Support in money management that’s backed by the UK government.

Citizens Advice

Practical help through the CoL crisis with signposts to benefits, grants and support.


Compares top UK supermarket prices across hundreds of thousands of products.

*We've provided these links to help you locate sources of information that you may find helpful. We aren't responsible for the content or accuracy of the information contained within those sites, so please do note that you use any information they provide at your own risk. The information we have provided here does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research to check it's right for your individual circumstances and needs. We can't accept liability for content on other websites or if things go wrong should you choose to follow their advice.

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