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Health, Wealth & Happiness 2023

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Friendships, four-day-weeks, and financial finagling - reflections and changes in a cost-of-living crisis

Welcome to the latest Health, Wealth & Happiness report and what is, inevitably, more bad news than good. 

But after several years reporting all-time lows, we’re determined to find nuggets of good and there is joy in the ways Brits have saved money this last 12 months. 

It’s also reassuring to see happiness on the ups in demographics beaten down during the pandemic, and the economists at Cebr are very quietly optimistic we’ve turned a corner in wealth. Fingers crossed.

So we invite you to read the 2023 Health, Wealth & Happiness report. See the insights, process the data, and find out more about Friendonomics, four-day-weeks, the realities of remote working and so much more. 

HWH Index

 index chart

Are we healthier, wealthier and happier? Here’s the macro data.

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The happiness road trip

 People in convertible car waving hands in the air with teal overlay

Off to Scotland, Wales and the homes of the hybrid workforce.

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Fame, I’m going to learn how to fly

Girl wearing mask and cape flexing arms with teal overlay

‘Children’ rank fourth
in men’s happiness
Top 3.

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How do we feel about a four-day work week?

Man shrugging with hands out wide with teal overlay

On its face it sounds wonderful ... but not everyone agrees.

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Thrifty inginuity

 Woman smiling and pointing finger in the air with teal overlay

Times are tight but Brits
are wily. Share passwords much?

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Worse off and worsening

,Man sitting with head in hands next to piggy bank with teal overlay

The extent of the financial strain in behaviours, pounds and pence.

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2023 Health, Wealth & Happiness Report headlines

Click the buttons for a snapshot of the latest headlines in health, wealth and happiness. 

This year's report focuses on friendships, finances and the four-day working week.


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The combined Health, Wealth & Happiness Index averaged 77.6 for the year, considerably down from 87.0 in 2021 / 22. Although 2023 has brought flickers of optimism in the Wealth and Happiness domains, the current score of 75.5 for Q1 2023 is firmly down on historic averages.

Index graph

Britain’s mental wellbeing – and its decline – correlates with the cost-of-living crisis. But it cuts both ways, and an upturn in the economic situation (which Cebr are quietly optimistic about) will most likely pull up the nation’s happiness and mental wellbeing too. Fingers crossed.

Top 10 infographic

We see here in pounds and pence how much UK households expect to be down each month on average. It’s interesting that 18-34-year-olds are set to be worst off (£366) but they’re most likely to feel okay about it. The reverse is true for 55-and-overs who reckon they’ll be down much less (£141) but feel worse off than other age groups. 

Worse off infographic

Some areas of this year’s report are worth a smile. As well as changing how we cook, travel, work and shop, Britons, especially in the younger demographics, have leapt into life’s grey areas to cut costs and better make ends meet. 

Top 5 infographic

We saw small increases in happiness, now versus 12 months ago, in pockets of the UK. Wales and Scotland look especially optimistic. It’s also heartening to see increases in happiness for young people (18-34), women and ethnic minorities - three demographics that suffered particularly during the pandemic.

how happy uk map

Should a four-day work week become the norm, we asked Britons what they’d do with the extra time. It’s interesting to note differences by age, but also by location: Scots like the idea of a side hustle (17%), in Yorkshire it’s all about chores (31%), and the North West wants to catch up on its sleep (23%). For Londoners it’s just more TV time (24%). 


Beat the buzzer!

'Searcher Sophie, gives us a quick intro to this year Health Wealth & Happiness, and quizzes our 'Searchers on their knowledge of the UK's trends, experiences, finances and emotions. 

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