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Health, Wealth & Happiness 2022

Two Years
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Pandemic fatigue and a crisis within a crisis

Welcome to the 2022 Health, Wealth & Happiness Report, the annual LifeSearch deep-dive into UK trends, experiences, finances, and emotions. 

Covering 2021 and early 2022, LifeSearch examine UK health and mental health, finances, reflections, friendship and our fears for the future. 

For the first time Health, Wealth and Happiness is split along race and ethnicity lines to show that the pandemic, and measures taken in its name, was not equal in its impact across Britain’s different communities.

And we see a major new shockwave in national morale that was caused by a war in Europe that will impact living costs and has already forced our sense of financial security into a nosedive. 

There's not much optimism to go around, but there are pockets of positivity and hope in the chaos. All we can do is wish you good health, wealth and happiness through another chaotic chapter.

2022 Health, Wealth & Happiness Report headlines

Click the buttons for a snapshot of the headlines in health, wealth and happiness. See where we spent big during 2021, and how the shockwave of war hit UK morale hard. 


Health, Wealth & Happiness - The 2020/2021 Health, Wealth & Happiness Report headlines

More headlines from this report

Cutting the data by ethnic group shines a new light on the pandemic experience in different UK communities. Lost status, financial manoeuvring, job insecurity, changing friendships … some insights will surprise, others not so much. 

Health, Wealth & Happiness - Check out some  of the interesting trends from 2020/2021


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