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Single vs Joint Life Insurance

Life insurance solo or joint, as part of a couple both have their positives
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What’s the difference?

If you’re married, partnered-up or cohabiting, you can buy two single life insurance policies or one joint life insurance policy.

Two single life insurance policies mean each partner is covered separately - two policies, two monthly payments, two lives fully covered.

Joint life insurance covers two lives with one policy and one monthly payment - but it’s not as simple as two-for-the-price-of-one.

We build protection around unique you

LifeSearch was founded in 1998 on a mission to protect people properly, in the way that’s best for you, no more and no less.

As an independent intermediary, our loyalty is to you – not the insurer – and protecting you and your loved ones as it makes sense with your home life, budget, current situation, and future plans.

We’ve protected over 1.8m people, hundreds of thousands of families and businesses, and are rated 4.9/5 from 21,000 Trustpilot reviews by customers just like you.

How much does life insurance cost?

The average monthly cost of a level term assurance policy, over the term of 25 years:

Starting Age Cost for £200k of cover
£6.77 per month
£7.98 per month
£10.48 per month
£14.92 per month
45 £22.57 per month
£35.98 per month
£53.21 per month


*Pricing information obtained 05/06/2023. This data is based on a non-smoker with no medical history.

Prices are for a level term single life insurance policy. Life insurance costs vary, person to person. That’s not an excuse to dodge the question, it’s just reality. Your life insurance costs will first be based on the kind of policy you want, and then on a risk score that factors in your health, your home life, your job, your mortgage, your hobbies, your age, if you smoke etc…

If you’re like many others, you’ll probably base your life insurance policy on the value of your mortgage. That means your life insurance will cover the house if you pass away before it’s paid-off.

Life insurance cost and cover calculator

Our simple calculator can help you to work out what insurance you need and give you estimated costs for different types of life cover. You can then speak to an adviser or buy online.

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Do life insurers pay out?

Contrary to what the movies say, life insurers pay out in most cases. According to the Association of British Insurers, around 98% of UK life insurance claims were paid in 2022.

In instances where claims were disputed by the insurer, it’s almost always because the customers – willingly or accidentally – misrepresented their lifestyle or health situation in a significant way.

Tell the truth

Do be honest when applying for life insurance. It’s so an expert can return to you with policy options that fit the bill precisely, and it’s so any claims against your policy can be settled as quickly as possible.

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