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Health, Wealth & Happiness 20/21

The pandemic report
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Snapshots of life in the chaos of Covid

This year’s report is our most wide-ranging, deep-diving and forensic analysis yet of the UK public’s experience across Health, Wealth and Happiness during the most complex, unsettling and anxiety-ridden period in modern time.

Two major pieces of analyses underpin this year’s report. Our Health, Wealth & Happiness Index, compiled alongside the economists at Cebr, is a major new addition to the socio-economic conversation that locks the pandemic’s macro trends into history.

Meanwhile, a 3,000-person national survey gives a detailed snapshot of pandemic life and experiences for individuals, families, colleagues and businesses up and down the country.

Meet our coaches

Taking what we know and putting it to work, LifeSearch have handpicked three participants who’ve suffered ebbs and flows in their health, wealth and happiness this last year or so. Over the next three months, three expert coaches will help our participants to level up and achieve their goals - in health, wealth and happiness.

Searching for Health | Meet Baz Moffat

28 Jun 2021

Former GB rower and women’s coach

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Searching for Wealth | Meet Davinia Tomlinson

13 Jul 2021

Investment veteran and finance champion

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Searching for Happiness | Meet Luke Ambler

21 Jul 2021

Rugby ace turned mental health campaigner

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Searching for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Three 'Searchers seeking change and the expert coaches who'll guide them. Track the campaign here and on social – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

The 20/21 Health, Wealth & Happiness Report headlines; 

Here we find out that the UK's average levels of health and happiness haven't been this low in at least a decade. You'll also be able to see results from our 3,000 person survey to highlight that the pandemic experience was a tale of two halves.

Health, Wealth & Happiness - The 2020/2021 Health, Wealth & Happiness Report headlines

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Heath, Wealth & Happiness Indexes - How These Indexes Moved During Covid Starting Quarter 4 2019

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Health - A Tale of Two Halves: respondents who feel or do not feel healthier now than at pre-pandemic times

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Wealth - A Tale of Two Halves: respondents who feel or do not feel wealthier now than at pre-pandemic times

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Happiness - A Tale of Two Halves: respondents that are & are not happier now than at pre-pandemic times

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Happiness - Average Monthly Spend Comparison: Where monthly expenditure has increased or decreased

Check out some of the interesting trends from 20/21;

Which regions drank more booze and which turned to comfort eating? Which demographics levelled up financially and saved more money? And have happiness levels elsewhere in the world plunged as low as ours? Here's the snapshot but for much, much more - download the full Report.

Health, Wealth & Happiness - Check out some  of the interesting trends from 2020/2021

The Health, Wealth & Happiness Podcasts

LifeSearch CEO Tom Baigrie hosts Ally Millar, Baz Moffatt, Davinia Tomlinson, Luke Ambler and Nina Skero in the Health, Wealth and Happiness conversations. In these three podcasts, our experts further pull apart the report, exploring its findings and relating them to their own experiences and expertise. Each episode covers its own category, how we’ve changed priorities and perception through the pandemic, and what’s in store in the future. 

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Introducing Searching for H,W&H

11 May 2021

The lowdown on our summer social campaign

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Covid's Impact on People of Colour

12 May 2021

Different ethnic and minority communities' day-to-day experiences in health, wealth and happiness during the pandemic
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The Future

13 May 2021

How will H,W&H change as we step towards recovery?

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