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The LifeSearch Awards Winner's Podcast

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Searching for Elephants - Episode 9

All the winners of the LifeSearch Awards 2021 tell us what it feels like to win and why they think they won, and the Searchers that did vote for them tell us why they actually did win.

Think of it as a cheat sheet for how to win an award next year!

Angus Baigrie - Hello, everybody, and a massive welcome to The Searching for Elephants LifeSearch Awards 2021 Winner's Podcast, phew mouthful achieved. We've got them all here, folks, all the winners and lots of lovely Searchers to tell you exactly why the winners won. So, actually, this is kind of like a cheat sheet, delve into the details of this podcast and you will find the answer to the question I know has racked your brain for millennia. How How How do I win a LifeSearch award? Well pay attention and you'll find out. 

Ben - Who without further ado, let's read some awards baby! 

Angus - Right you are Ben. Oh, but one more thing before we get going. massive thank you to Iress, the sponsor of the LifeSearch awards. Alright, let's boogie!

Debbie Kennedy - Hey LifeSearch it's Debbie Kennedy here from LV= We are delighted to win.

Searchers - I was so delighted to nominate LV= for best IP provider, they really understand why IP is so important. Which I am over the moon about we're a purpose led business and our purpose is about protecting incomes. And actually, you know, they're really keen to improve and they do have their customers a heart just like us. And to know that it's helping you protect families is really important to us. But they've got some fantastic added value. It's due to them having the options for living cost protection as well as income protection which isn't means based which means it's applicable to more people and what you can get covered. Many thanks to Phil Briars to Charlene Harvey to Susie Walker, Emily Watts and the great Justin Harper. Marcus, he's great. He loves to get involved with the business here at LifeSearch with regular refreshing sessions and

Debbie - Thank you LifeSearch for doing what you do, to Tom to holding us to account.

Searchers - They really think of all the angles

Debbie - and we love the awards. We love the neon we love the glitz and we love the pacey nature of it and not a bookcase insight. 

Angus - Indeed, no bookcases here, Debbie, a massive thank you to you, LV= and Mike Farrell, our quiz winner, well done, Mike. Together, you've donated 600 pounds to Maggie's Centres, providing cancer support across the UK. Next up we're with 

Searchers -  Scottish Widows were incredibly brave to change up the critical illness market and go against what the norms have been. They were one of the first providers to start making the policy understandable and actually really resonating with what customers want and what they need. And that's a really hard thing to do. So to be that innovative, to be that brave and take those biggest steps. And they are absolutely deserving of the best critical illness provider award. I can think back to a very specific claim that we had last year, he was a pilot that could no longer work. Obviously, this went on for quite a long time. Because you know, we were looking at a million pounds worth of cover ultimately turned out that the customer didn't meet that definition. But Scottish Widows agreed to pay out half a million pounds, and actually said that they're paying at half million pounds because they can see just how the customer is affected by his condition. And they've kept the policy in force and said that actually if he needs to make another critical illness claim, the half a million they've paid out won't actually affect the sum assured that he's currently covered for which I just think that's absolutely incredible. You know, Scottish Widows are well within their rights not to pay that claim, but they've taken a really human approach to it. I wish we could see more stories like that in the press, because we want customers to understand that insurers absolutely want to pay the claim. And Scottish Widows I think have pioneered the way for that. So thank you Scottish Widows, you've made one of our customers incredibly happy

Angus - Scottish Widows won two awards that is because they are completely and utterly baller and so donated 300 pounds each to Mental Health UK and Macmillan are also major ballers. They want the Best Critical Illness Provider and the Heroic Support award, which was sponsored by CI expert and Underwrite-Who? Oh, UnderwriteMe. Yes, of course. You are both ballerrific. Oh, and we've almost got enough ballers for a ballgame. So let's talk about Royal London. You also want to awards and donated your 600 pounds to Turn2us, helping people in financial hardship. Well done everyone positively balltastic.

Searchers -  These awards are special because they're voted for by The Searchers, those that use us on a day to day basis. And you know, it's lovely to go back to teams and say, Do you know what, guys? You've just been recognized as the best at what you do. I know that some of our colleagues were, were really touched by winning the awards. I mean, what we do all day long is about the claim. So knowing that you've got clients backs so well done Royal London. At Royal London, I'd like to give a shout out to Linda Mihail, Laura, Lee, Sharry, Kenny, Steven Molon, Lynn Flynn, and Eileen Brown from Royal London. This is a collective effort by we'd like to call out in particular, Eileen and the claims team, that you know, have probably one of the hardest tasks in the business at a time when they're pulling their spare bedroom with their laptop on their knees. So it's a real shout to them, what an amazing performance they've put in. Thank you for making it easy. Thank you for that beautiful, beautiful £2.60 menu discount that you got in there. We had positive feedback from customers. I just want to say, great work Royal London. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with you this last year, and we look forward to more contact with you in the future.

Tom Baigrie - Though Adam Higgs doesn't lead the business that owns Protection Guru. Ian McKenna does that of course, it's Adam's leadership of the content and the delivery that has been absolutely outstanding. So we decided to recognize the worker as a leader. 

Angus - Cancer Research gratefully accepted Adam's donation. 

Tom - Well done, Adam.

Angus - Yeah, well done, Adam. 

Adam Higgs - Winning this award means so much to me, at Protection guru, we've put an awful lot of work into providing advisors with as much information as we can I couldn't do what I do without the team that I work with, the support and hard work they've all put in throughout the last year has been immense. Really, we do everything for advisors, and we hope that we're supporting you as best we can. And there's a lot more to come from us.

Searchers -  The Nick Crossman award for best protection story this year was won by Jeff Prestridge, is one of those campaigning journalists, what sets Jeff apart from many others is the balanced nature of what he does, it's very easy to just criticize the if all you do is criticize. And you have to ask what good is that really doing. And the reason this story was it was just so incredibly impactful. It really encouraged consumers, he really put a spotlight on the importance of value that protection can make the skill that I think many people appreciate with Jeff is knowing when to criticize, but also know when to praise. He is never shy to talk about protection. It is a subject that some financial journalists maybe just don't cover. And one of the things I think Jeff does is he always makes sure that his stories are backed up with real credible opinions from experts, real balanced views and where he can, he will always use a case study to really amplify his story.

Jeff Prestridge - Sometimes personal finance journalism is quite a kind of lonely profession. The only feedback you get from readers are often complaints. Well, the art of of good personal finance journalism is to educate the public. It's not just about lambasted in the financial services industry for the things that they do wrong. What we have to do as journalists, is to enable our readers to become better understanding of the financial services industry that faces them. So I think it's important as a personal finance journalist to hold the readers hand and to enable them to tread through certain areas of the industry that maybe they're not comfortable with. It's an industry where you have great power. But very rarely do you get recognition for things that you do. And I think the day that I lose that, you know, that smile that I get on my face when you know, I'm told that I've won an award is the day that I should give up, you know, it can be very lonely journey. And it's lovely to be recognized for the work that you do. And you know, I love my job. I love journalism, actually loved the financial services industrial or great big swathes of it. It's it still gives me a thrill it still makes me smile. It makes me sleep well at night thinking God, Jeff. Good job, mate.

Angus - I'm glad you can sleep well at night, Jeff, I really am. I hope all of you do. Jeff can sleep even better knowing that he's responsible for a generous donation to Prostate Cancer UK. Oops Emma's not done yet. Sorry everyone I'll shut up. 

Emma - He just really wrote a very well balanced, very encouraging and very truthful story, but huge, huge congratulations from all of us at LifeSearch. And thank you so much for keeping us all on our toes in the way that you do.

Searchers - What can I say about Ian Pratt? Ian is just... Ian Pratt. You are my hero mate. Individual Protection Hero and Ben Burgess' own hero. He's so helpful. He really understands what we want and what we need. And I'm so pleased that actually in the last two months, we're now being notified of all Legal and General claims This is a huge achievement and testament to the dedication that Ian has to his role. He's also been a really huge advocate for training and development, and they've run some incredible sessions with our advisors. I know Ian became a grandfather last year, and he absolutely dotes on his grandchild. And I love that about Ian. I love the fact that when he gets in contact, it's personal. You're so good at your job, you're always there to lend a hand. If we have queries, you're on it. If we need help with underwriting decisions, you're on it, if we need help coming up with dinner ideas during the week, mate you are on it, you are an inspirational dude. And I'm very, very grateful to have you in my working life. He is an absolute protection hero, and Ian I was so delighted that you were recognized for your work.

Angus - Ian's in danger of becoming a national treasure. And because he and Legal and General are such a lovely positive forces in the world. Their prize has been donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Oh but like a fast bowler, not a baller, but a bowler pounding up to the popping crease here comes Ian now.

Ian Pratt - Hello, this is Ian Pratt from Legal and General, I do feel so proud, so honoured to have had so many people that must have voted, must have done something right. So yeah, great big tick for me and a big tick for everybody else. I do have a passion for protection. And I think probably some sort of synergy as well with somebody that works in your organization. I was a first slip probably 30 years ago, recommended the gully take a Protection Policy out, they'd just had a new son. Fortunately, they haven't claimed on that policy. And their son moved on to be an opening bowler for Northampton County Cricket Club. But I'd like to say thank you for everybody that worked with me at LifeSearch, and for the support that I've had with L&G. It's been absolutely amazing. I'm fortunate enough to get the recognition. But actually, it's everybody behind this made this award possible. Thank you very much. Have a great time. And I will see you soon. Thanks. Bye bye.

Narrator - We interrupt this program for a professional news bulletin.

September 2019. I remember the date. It was when I was able to tell them all here, there's some training coming your way. It's going to be great. Legal and General are doing an exec IP. It'll be on their menu, discounts and all in 2020 they've really come to the party. We can now protect a business no matter their structure, pay through the company or through the family account. It's so simple. Now you're fully on this adventure. With your help we continue to protect in tax efficient ways BREXIT, IR35, COVID-19. Together we'll see how 2021 plays. And together we'll develop our lovely partnership with the help of your underwriters, admin and area reps will continue to sell this BP ship. So thank you all for your support. Ian you should be proud of your teams. They've worked hard and deserve much better than this poem of sorts. Keep up the good work L&G well done.

Angus - Yep, that did actually just happen. 

Richard Kateley - To be honest, winning this award just makes me feel blooming marvellous. I think we've won it because we're passionate about protection in all its guises. Why should we be less enthusiastic about protecting a business than a family. Businesses are families after all, and their staff rely on them for their security. So protecting a business is protecting their staff.

Searchers - You should be very proud of that award because business protection is so so so important, especially in this day and age and you guys are absolutely crushing that So good job. For me. It's a team effort, L&G. So I want to thank the whole market development team but especially Stewart Halliwell and Robert Betts. The fact that you can have both a business and a personal application and trusts on there as well so you can fill it out and get it started on the day for relevant life policies. It's just so great, from a TI standpoint, sound like a reason they should win that.

Amanda - MSM won their first ever LifeSearch award

Angus -  and they gave their pot of gold to the Prince's Trust. And everyone lived happily ever after, nice one MoneySuperMarket, but Amanda, why did win it?

Amanda - They won it because of data. And why do we love what they do with data? It's because they do the same thing as us they use data to try and protect more families.

Neal Cross - For those of you know me or know MoneySuperMarket. Two key things drive our business - data and customer experience to be recognized by this award does make us all very proud. So last year, we worked with LifeSearch to improve access to insurance. We deep dived into our data, we looked into a subset of customers that needed that telephone support, and combining that with what LifeSearch can do. We helped protect many families who may have felt they were uninsurable. I'd also like to thank the partnerships team at LifeSearch led by Tom Price. So Amanda, you are fantastic and all the best in your new role. And Charlie a very welcome addition to the partnership.

Searchers - I've been working with them since January and can honestly say they've been a pleasure. I'm sure they're probably sick of my endless questions. But Neil and James are an absolute dream to work with. They're always happy to try out new ideas, listen to us, share ideas with us, and they have this great honest and open approach with us.

Neal - The final thing I'd say is that you know, we are MoneySuperMarket we offer customers a buy now price, the reality is not everybody can get a buy now price. So it's absolutely vital and critical what LifeSearch to for our customers.

Amanda - I'm really looking forward to where we can take this partnership this year with protecting even more families than any of us ever thought possible.

Searchers - I just wanted to mention Aviva are actually in the category for Innovation. We love working with their tech team. They're really focused team expertly joined up by Dan Robinson, with real subject matter experts and the likes of Jason, Keith, Sabrina just to name a few. They plan ahead well, and because they're such experts, they can pre-empt the challenges that we may have. They do have an online tracker which allows us to amend without being referred again just that flexibility for customers who are wanting to make a change and in the current climate, getting that decision back within the same day just really helps. Very speedy and I've noticed that it has changed from how it used to be in terms of the portal so it's very user friendly, easy to navigate. The collaboration over the past month has been fun while we've been delivering some complex and cool changes. Thanks Aviva. We love working with you.

Angus -  And Aviva have also donated their winnings to Macmillan, who let me tell you I'm making out like a bunch of bandits from this. Next AIG who donated to Age UK, which I think they did because it sounds exactly like AIG,

Holly Ewing - Hi LifeSearchers. This is Holly Ewing at AIG life.

Searchers - I'd also like to comment on the Heroic Care award. When we asked them to create a testing environment for our guys learning applications on the system, they were really quick to sort out for us.

Holly - Winning this award would not have been possible. If it were not for each and every person in the AIG family. It really is a team effort for us to make sure our customers feel valued and supported at the point of sale right up to the claim stage.

Searchers - Like to say a big thank you there to Brian, Paige Oli and Freddy. They're very heroic. I think this was apparent when they made a child's death claim. It was her absolutely horrific incident where an 18 month old baby fell out of a window the claim was swept through with minimal evidence required and really, really helped a very young family in dire need. They helped them out immensely.

Angus -  And finally, The Doing Good Award. Well done

Tom -  Zurich's award entry and the work it evidences were/are magnificent. 

Searchers - I think the Zurich team were absolutely delighted to have won this. And in particular, because it's such an emotive award that demonstrates how Zurich is such a caring organization. When you look at how Zurich responded throughout the pandemic, it was nothing short of amazing. Providing 350,000 surgical masks to local hospitals donating to COVID support funds, and enabling their people to volunteer at local charities. There were so many incredible things they did for their people. Things like giving free access to the Calm app to help with people's mental health. Overall, the organization donated 13 million. To the industries COVID response fund

Angus -  as well as that piddly 13 million, they asked us to donate a staggering 300 pounds to their own community trust. Because clearly, every penny counts,

Searchers - Really engaging with flexible working and free antibody tests as well. I mean, how could they not win?

Louise - And in terms of LifeSearch, it was we're very grateful for you selecting us on this. It means a lot what it's actually now put is a competitive spirit into Zurich, to now hopefully win more rewards in the future. So yeah, thank you LifeSearch you've made our day. Thank you very much.

Angus - No, no, thank you, Louise. Well done, everyone. You're all epic, and highly deserving winners. And now get back to work. Go on! Make sure you go win another award this time next year. Go on, off you pop! This has been Searching for Elephants. If you want to hear more of me, Tom Baigrie and everything LifeSearch has to say please like, subscribe and give us that beautiful five star review. Patrick Baigrie made all the music and mixed all of those beautiful voices. Not a small task. Let me tell you, and I am Angus Baigrie, the creator and editor of this utter Madhouse. Thanks everyone and have a good day.

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