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End of Year Winner's Speeches

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Searching for Elephants - Episode 3

Every year we have an End of Year Celebration, this year's was online but no less epic than any other.

Our award winners recorded their thoughts post-winning and let's just say that we had to grab a tissue or two.

Thank you so much winner's, this podcast would literally be nothing without you!

Sharney - I can't believe it - I've won an award. And First Place in the year of 2020 it just almost seems unrealistic to win something in 2020 because there's so many other things that we haven't won this year.

Vicky - What an amazing evening we've just had.

Shaukat – I think it's great to be to be fair. I think I like the Awards. A lot.

Kim - Hi, Angus. It's Kim here.

David - Hi, Angus.

Lewis - Hi, Angus

Kayleigh  - It’s Kayleigh Price here.

John - This is John Hurd.

Beth J - Beth Jones.

Lewis - Lewis Price.

Vicky - Vicky Frosdick.

David - It’s David Ball here.

Ian - Hi, it's Ian. And I've just been awarded leader of the year 2020. Wow!

Maddy - Well it was such a surprise to me winning this award. I really wasn't expecting it.

Lewis - Yeah, I'm not really one for doing these kind of voice recordings or anything. Yeah, I mean, to win an award. I've never won anything before.

Fabio - It's just a great feeling.

Terry - It's a great feeling.

John – I’m Honestly

Lisa K - Very emotional about winning.

David - Absolutely chuffed to bits

Beth L - To get this award and see my name up there and have people congratulate and kind of know who I am and praise in that, and join in the celebrations with that from all over the country. It's this massive thing. So I am very, very happy with that.

Sammi - I actually cried.

Kim - Teared up a little bit.

Kayleigh - If I'm completely honest with you, was a complete shock for me.

Lisa J - Huge shock for me.

Beth L - Shocked, definitely shocked.

Lisa J - Which still doesn't feel quite real. And it was because of a colleague of ours had contacted me after his father sadly passed away. And he was asking me some advice on a policy that his dad had taken out through someone else not through LifeSearch. And unfortunately, I couldn't give him the news that he wanted to hear that I knew that policy wouldn't pay out. And the thought of him and his family going through this and wondering how on earth they were going to give his dad the send off that he absolutely deserved, was just awful to think of him having to go through this. And so I set up a just giving page and wrote a piece to the rest of the business and basically asked them whether they wanted to help and I knew they would, I knew everyone would want to help if they could. And I think within the first half an hour of me putting out the blog £1000 had been raised already, which is just phenomenal. And just goes to show the generosity and care and compassion that LifeSearchers have got.

John - How am I feeling about winning? Bloody hell it’s a credit in LifeSearch to be honest, because when I was a TI, I was pretty poo, probably could of sacked me and I didn't. But yeah honestly I'm proud, I'm surprised my family are…

Ian - Proud.

Lisa K - Very pleased, proud.

David - More proud about this one than any of the previous ones I've won. You know, if you go back six months ago, my business was not doing very well post COVID. Yeah, I was just hit left, right and centre, really so… to actually win this award, this year. Really, really chuffed to bits very proud of what I've achieved. I'm also proud of my team.

Beth J - My team.

Vicky - My team. 

John - Everyone from team

Kim - Ben, Learning and Development team are just amazing.

Lewis - Honestly, I can't thank the team enough.

Maddy - Team Hannah,

Fabio - Team Paul.

John - All of Team Adam.

Kayleigh - And obviously my support team.

Ian - But also the rest of the fire squad.

Terry - The Marketing team. Every one of them is truly awesome.

Shaukat - We're such a close-knit team, our team. And if anyone is ever having issues, they're always there I’m always trying to help each other out where we can.

Beth - It's great being able to work from home and having that flexibility. Like aw, I would genuinely I'd be sat in a corner in a chair rocking if I was stuck on furlough with my three children at home. And don't get me wrong, I love them to bits, they are angels - majority of the time. But being able to work from home and have the support network that we do have…

Lisa J - I remember sitting on a leadership call at the beginning of the pandemic and Tom chipped in at the end and said, “Do you know what parents if your child is in the background while you're on the phone to a customer, if you've got a baby screaming, don't worry about it. Everyone in the world is in this situation. That's what has to happen then that's what it is.” And I just felt such relief because I was so worried thinking, well if I've got four children at home, how on earth am I going to be able to lock myself in a room and my husband locked himself in a room and leave four kids to fend for themselves? It just couldn't happen. Which you know, if Tom hadn't said what he'd said, then it would have meant that one of us would have had to have taken unpaid leave to you know, to look after them.

Beth - Well, I'd say we all really encourage each other. I mean, I love being part of the Listening Ears team. But I've always had that sort of family feel with LifeSearch. I've been here for nine and a half years. So yep. I think being kind is infection, infectious actually. Just like smiling. It's a natural reflex to match other’s behaviour.

Terry - There's loads people would like to thank.

Lewis - Yeah, there's so many people to thank.

Sammi - David Deacon, Liam Shortland, Troy Harrald, Sasha Marshall, Kayleigh Price.

Kayleigh - Also to Johnny Shovell.

Beth L - Johnny Shovell.

Sammi - Obviously my TC Mr. Jonathan Shovell.

Ian - I suppose a massive thanks without going into Oscars mode, would need to go to

David - David Perry.

Fabio - Paul and Cari.

Beth L - Zoe Chennell.

Beth J - Carol Butters and…

Lewis - Andy Turner.

Terry - Mark Ashworth, Dean Venn, Chris Henderson, Emma Walker.

Kayleigh - The legend himself Peter.

Beth L - Paula, Laura Haynes, Jodi Gidley, Samantha Bowler, and my TC Kayleigh. God knows how many times I've gone to them like ‘What's this? My manager Ben Spence.

Sammi - The amazing Mr. Ben Spence.

Kayleigh - It’s 100% Ben Spence.

Kim - Who at the beginning had to put up with all my stupid questions, who still puts up with a lot of my questions, and he just encourages me and he helps with the coaching. He's done observations, he's been in sessions, and I couldn't have asked for a better support. And Nick has just been absolutely fantastic. John, Kayleigh, Ami on Best Practice. Marie.

Lisa K - Tom.

Ian - Maddie.

Lisa K - Maddie, Lisa, Sarah, Jules, Leanna, Phill.

Maddie - Matthew and Hannah were amazing.

John - Who do I need to thank, you haven’t got enough time mate if I’m being honest

Fabio - Tawanda and Carla and then also the likes of our coach Hannah. She's an absolute machine.

John - Adam Clifford, Ian Grant, Chloe, Kim, Dean and Emily they'll know why. My right hand man, Mark he's helped me through a lot of things as well. Duncan, Tom all my friends here pretty much every single Life Searcher has helped me in some way shape or form

David - And also my partner Joe, I think, you know, listening to me understanding that I needed to change things get out of the house, get my well being back up and running. She really gave me some good positive feedback as to what to do personally. And that really helped you know, helped me towards the tale end of this year get the right balance. So yeah, absolutely chuffed to bits.

Kayleigh - And also to thank the panel for voting for me really because they obviously something that they were pleased with me having that award that I didn't maybe. So I'm really really pleased and just want to thank the panel for voting for me as well.

Beth L - After reading through the nominations, there were some crackers on there.

Kim - Absolutely overwhelmed on Friday.

Vicky - I'm actually a little giddy when I think back at it fantastic to be rewarded.

Lewis - A great honour. Absolutely buzzing for it.

Terry - It's amazing. I think I'm gonna order a chain for my award and wear it like a pendant wherever I go. So everyone I meet, knows that I'm a brave pioneer.

Sharney - And I don't think that I've ever had the opportunity to say to LifeSearch themselves, that you guys help me personally doing this job, and just keeping me motivated and give me structure. So thanks, everybody.

Beth J - Really nice to have that feeling of being valued by our family. So yeah, thanks!

Beth L - Love the award ceremonies. I can't wait for next year’s. I do love seeing everyone all dressed up and looking red carpet fabulous.

Beth J - And 

Vicky - May I take this opportunity to wish everybody a very happy Christmas and..

Shaukat - Roll on 2021.

Sharney - And we're hopefully we can actually celebrate a really successful year.

Angus - Thanks so much for listening. This has been Searching for Elephants, a LifeSearch podcast. The music was composed and the podcast mixed by Patrick Baigrie. And the show was created and edited by me, his brother Angus and we along with all of LifeSearch, wish you a very happy end to this year. And a lovely start to the next. Lots of love, LifeSearch.

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