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LifeSearch author Tom Baigrie

Tom Baigrie

Founder & Chair

Convinced the protection industry could be rewired to favour customers over insurers and banks, Tom Baigrie launched LifeSearch in 1998 and sat as CEO until late 2021. Today Tom is company Chair and an asset as we lobby hard to change perception, access, and realities in protection.

News & Press by Tom Baigrie

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LifeSearch 25th Anniversary Awards - Toms Talk

Read up on Tom's rendition of the creation of LifeSearch, and it's journey throughout the last 25 years

24 Mar 2023, by Tom Baigrie

7 min read
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Tom’s Talk – LifeSearch Awards 2022

Download The LifeSearch Report, which seeks to illuminate better behaviours within Protection Insurance.

4 Jan 2022, by Tom Baigrie

10 min read
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Tom's Opening Words

We meet as if on a sunny little island in the middle of a vast sea of trouble and sadness

1 Feb 2021, by Tom Baigrie

3 min read

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