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Spotlight on virtual GP services

LifeSearch author John Rogers
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by John Rogers, Marketing Executive

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John is a Protection expert, having worked in our customer facing teams and best practice teams, and now is immersed in Protection Content and Marketing. See author bio

Published 11 Jan 2023

It can be tough to land a GP appointment at the best of times. And right now, with the NHS under serious pressure, accessing help is especially hard-going. 

You may have to wait days or weeks for an available slot, and you’ll probably need to take whatever appointment time you’re given - even if it’s bang in the middle of a busy day. 

At certain moments your life insurance perks really earn their stripes. Certain moments like when the NHS is jam packed. Like when you want extended face-time with the doctor. Like when you need an appointment at night. Like when you can’t wait a week or more. 

So it’s time to check your policy. Chances are your life insurance offers access to either a telephone or an online GP consultation for free. These phone or virtual GP services are often, not always, but often available 24/7 so you don’t need to squeeze them in and sessions often last up to 30 minutes – much longer than the typical 10. 

More convenience, more face-time, more speed … it’s time to check your policy for perks. 

How does it work? 

Whether telephone or virtual, GP consultations can, in most cases, be booked easily through your insurer either by calling a Customer Care line or by using an online portal.

If such a service is part of your policy there won’t be any costs and you can typically book your appointment on a 24/7 basis. Yes, even at 0300 in the morning. 

In most cases, virtual GP appointments are available within hours and the doctor you’ll see will, most likely, be UK-based with all the same permissions to advise, treat and write prescriptions as a GP in a surgery. Where appropriate your virtual GP can also refer you on to the next relevant specialist for any follow-ups required. It’s a joined-up journey.

No taking time out your day. No waiting. No traffic jams. No parking. No hanging around in a waiting room. 

Why don’t more people use these services?

To be honest it’s a head-scratcher. LifeSearch recently researched this very topic and found out that it’s mostly an issue of awareness. Two-thirds of people don’t know these perks exist. Even long-term life insurance policyholders aren’t aware they’ve got health and wellbeing freebies on tap as part of their deal.

They don’t know they can freely access a virtual GP appointment or nutritionist support or a health MOT or a mental health consultation … 

With the #StayPerky campaign we’re trying to change that. 

It makes sense

Life insurers provide free health and wellbeing services because, for one, it’s good for the customer, but it also makes sound business sense for them too. We explain how in this article

All you need to do to discover your health and wellbeing perks is to check your policy or call us on 0800 316 7253 and we’ll tell you what you need to know. 

Given everything that’s going on in the country, free virtual GP consultations are a fantastic facility that can really plug a gap. It makes sense.

So check your policy and put your life insurance to work. Today. Get your skates on and you could even speak with a doctor today.

LifeSearch author John Rogers
John Rogers Marketing Executive
A ‘Searcher since 2015, John is a Protection expert having worked in our customer facing teams and best practice teams, and now is immersed in Protection Content and Marketing.
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