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Let's Start Talking

A guide to things we should talk about in 2020

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What do we need to talk about more?

Today, there are more communication channels than ever. But that doesn't mean we're opening up about the things that matter most. 

Family finances, mental health, protection and contingency plans - too few of us are prepared to get awkward and talk taboos like death and money with our loved ones. 

And the UK's reluctance to talk truth has a price tag: not knowing a loved one's situation costs families time, money, anguish and heartache, short term and long. The results can be devastating. 

But the cure is a conversation. Grieving families don't need to be out of pocket. Mental health shouldn't be a barrier to understanding, support and protection. People don't have to shy away from their truth. 

We want the UK to #GetUncomfortable. Let's Start Talking about the things that matter for the sake of our financial, familial and mental health. Let's Start Talking our way towards a safer, happier, protected world.

Our Research

We asked people across the UK of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life about the subjects they shy away from, or struggle to open up about.

North to South, East to West, we dug into everything. From whether we know our loved ones' funeral wishes, to our contingency plans, and mental health in the family and beyond.

We found that many British families live in a communication vacuum and millennials are stressed. Teens don't go older for advice and we lie in phenomenal numbers to institutions, our employers and our partners.

Three quarters of us have no idea whether our parents have life insurance. More than half of us won’t find out loved-ones’ wishes until after they've passed. One in seven of us 'don't know' if there are mental health issues in the family.

Let’s Start Talking is a platform and a space to inspire Britain to #GetUncomfortable so we can better understand and protect those we love.

Michael's Story

“Last October she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her condition rapidly progressed and she passed away on the 4th November.”

“Mum had no partner and no protection in place. Despite not owning much we were left with the financial implications of a death.”

“It fell upon us to arrange and pay for a funeral as well as covering other costs.”

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What subject makes 40% of Yorkshire uncomfortable and what stresses millennials out (spoiler alert – everything). Who are the 'You First' demographic, and who's more about 'Me First'. It's not what you think.

Our Let’s Start Talking report investigates us and the things we avoid, lie about and stress over.

But really, Let's Start Talking shows how openness can help us all live, love and thrive together.

To download the full report, click the link below.


Grab a cuppa and kick your feet up. Take 10 on the tube..whatever your fancy - take a read.

Read the report


Find out the next steps in our quest to get people having those tough conversations #MentalHealth #SelfMedication

Lets start talking closing Tom Baigrie: LifeSearch CEO and Founder

At LifeSearch, we speak to hundreds of people every day who simply aren’t having conversations that could save them serious emotional and financial pain. It's our firm belief that communication is a two-way thing and we want to help people up and down the UK embrace that and protect the lives they love.


..."Let’s start talking"

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