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Searching for Happiness

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Searching for Happiness

As part of Health, Wealth and Happiness 20/21, we’ve paired three people with expert coaches so they can level up and achieve their goals, from greater happiness to buying a house. Get behind the campaign on social media.

Searching for Happiness

'dissatisfaction with myself is only ever one setback away'

Meet Angus

Our Happiness coach

'we're all in the same storm, but we’re in different boats'

Meet Luke

In charts - how did UK happiness change in 20/21?

No surprise that the majority felt pretty unhappy through the pandemic. But believe it or not, all that time at home did unlock some positivity, as parents spent more time with the kids and workers clawed back a few extra minutes of down time. 

The Health, Wealth & Happiness Podcasts

LifeSearch CEO Tom Baigrie hosts Ally Millar, Baz Moffatt, Davinia Tomlinson, Luke Ambler and Nina Skero in the Health, Wealth and Happiness conversations. In these three podcasts, our experts further pull apart the report, exploring its findings and relating them to their own experiences and expertise. Each episode covers its own category, how we’ve changed priorities and perception through the pandemic, and what’s in store in the future. 

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