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7 myths about private medical insurance; is it worth the investment?

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Guide last reviewed 1 Apr 2024

In the UK, we’re lucky to have access to the National Health Service (NHS), a free public healthcare system, however we know how much they're suffering from long waiting lists for diagnosis and testing, as well as surgery and treatment. 

With private health insurance (also known as private medical insurance, or PMI), individuals can get fast access to quality healthcare, top consultants, treatment and care. Yet, private health cover is often shrouded in myths and misconceptions. Let's debunk some common ones.

Myth 1 - private health insurance is only for the wealthy: Contrary to popular belief, private health insurance is not exclusively for the wealthy. There are all sorts of policies available to suit different budgets. Most insurers offer ‘basic plans’ at affordable rates, making private healthcare far more accessible to a wider demographic.

Myth 2 - private health insurance means skipping the NHS: Private health insurance complements the NHS rather than replacing it. Policyholders can still use NHS services if they choose to do so. Private health insurance offers additional benefits such as faster access to specialists, elective procedures, and private facilities, providing options for those who prefer expedited care or specific treatments.

Myth 3 - pre-existing conditions aren't covered: While some pre-existing conditions may not be covered initially, many insurers offer options to include coverage for them after a waiting period. It's essential to review policy terms carefully and disclose all pre-existing conditions during the application process to ensure appropriate coverage.

Myth 4 - private health insurance is complex and confusing: While insurance terminology can be daunting, reputable insurers strive to make their policies transparent and easy to understand. Dedicated customer service teams are available to guide policyholders through the process, answer questions, and clarify any uncertainties. And a decent broker can help walk you through the options, costs and pros and cons.

Myth 5 - private health insurance guarantees better treatment: Private healthcare offers perks such as shorter waiting times and access to private facilities, but it doesn't always guarantee better treatment outcomes. The quality of care depends on various factors, including the expertise of healthcare providers and the nature of the medical condition. Both private and NHS services adhere to stringent medical standards to ensure patient safety and wellbeing.

Myth 6 - private health insurance is redundant with the NHS: While the NHS provides comprehensive healthcare coverage, private health insurance offers additional benefits, including greater control over appointments, choice of specialists, and access to experimental treatments not readily available within the NHS. For some individuals, the flexibility and peace of mind provided by private health insurance justify the cost.

Myth 7 - private health insurance is only for medical emergencies: Private health insurance covers more than just emergencies. It can also include preventive care, routine check-ups, dental and optical care, and mental health services. Some policies even offer perks such as gym memberships and wellness programs to promote overall health and lifestyle.

In conclusion, private health insurance in the UK is a viable option for individuals seeking alternatives to NHS services. Private health care has a valuable role to play, in enhancing healthcare accessibility and choice for all. 

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