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Tony Langham – Nuance in the world of PR

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Tony Langham - Nuance in the world of PR

Tony Langham, CEO of Lansons, joins Tom and Angus and dives into his and Lansons' history, horse racing and why he's happy defending the offshore banking sector.

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Melvyn Nwajei – Leadership and Black History Month

Tom and Angus sit down with a leader from inside LifeSearch, Melvyn Nwajei leads a team of telephone interviewers but also after George Floyd's murder was one of the founding members of LifeSearch's Fairness and Diversity Squad.

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Wasfi Kani - When I'm 80 what would I regret not doing?

Wasfi Kani is a violinist turned computer programmer turned Opera CEO and whether you are an Opera lover or snoozer she won’t fail to interest you. Welcome to the first episode of Searching for Elephants Season 2.

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Disability with Ste Clark, Fi Rooney and Maddy Gunn

Angus talks to 3 Searchers who have disabilities about their lives, covering subjects like working from home and how important that flexibility is to them, internalised ableism, and what able-bodied people do that really bugs them.

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