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LifeSearch Achievement Awards 2019

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by LifeSearch,

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Published 8 Dec 2019


Read about who won what at our end of year bash last friday 

Adviser of the Year

1st Place - Dave Deacon

2nd Place - Joe Dunn

3rd Place - Tom Filipczak


Support of the Year

1st Place - Samantha Bowler

2nd Place - Jemma Mobach

3rd Place - Andy Turner


Ti of the Year

1st Place - Shaukat Ali

2nd Place - Emily Hunt

3rd Place - Isabelle Bertram-Lax


Striving for Excellence - Adviser

1st Place - Georgia Hart

2nd Place - John Hurd

3rd Place - Ryan Robson


Striving for Excellence - Support

1st Place - Jodi Gidley

2nd Place - Sharon Samra

3rd Place - Demetric Nelson


Striving for Excellence - Ti

1st Place - Felicity Bolt

2nd Place - Rebecca Bates

3rd Place - Isabelle Bertram-Lax


Culture Champion

1st Place - Stefania Amore

2nd Place - Emily Hunt 


Advice Giver of the Year

1st Place - Joe Dunn

2nd Place - Sharney Stanley

3rd Place - Luke Cook


Dragons Den idea of the Year

1st Place - James Anderson


Star Recruit Ti

1st Place - Darius Bailey

2nd Place - Jack Gill-Hammond

3rd Place - Aksa Jabeen


Star Recruit - Support

1st Place - Laura Haynes 

2nd Place - Melvyn Nwajei

3rd Place - Fi Rooney


Star Recruit - Adviser

1st Place - Qulzam Qader

2nd Place - Jamal Benhaddou

3rd Place - Stefania Amore


Support TC of the Year

1st Place - Nicola Round

2nd Place - Carol Butters

3rd Place - Andy Turner


Learning & Development Star of the Year

1st Place - Andy Glover


Leader of the Year

1st Place - Marie Bedding

2nd Place - Adam Chaudhry


Advice Team of the Year

1st Place - Team Ben Spence


Special Commendation for Partnerships in Impact Team of the Year

The Partnership Team


Impact Team of the Year

IT, Tech and Change


Quality Street Award - Adviser

1st Place - Anthony Andreoli


Quality Street Award - Ti

1st Place - Rachel Pope


Quality Street Award - Support

1st Place - Jemma Mobach


Brave Pioneer 

Lucy Bater & Charlie Gray


Agape Award 

1st Place - Fay Sepede

2nd Place - Nathan Vincent

3rd Place - Shaukat Ali


Franchise of the Year

1st Place - Mike Tebbutt


Business Protection Supremo

1st Place - David Ball


Franchise Recruit of the Year

1st Place - Glynn French

2nd Place - Steven Lewis

3rd Place - Sean Morton


The Guiding Light Award

1st Place - Claire Tillyard



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