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Some Things Never Change


Baby boomers (b. 1946-1964) and millennials (b. 1981-1996) rarely agree on much. Attitudes towards sex and relationships, technology, fashion, spending, politics … 

Inter-generational arguments about music, for example, are some of the most impassioned things you'll hear. “It's just noise!” a common war cry as both sides defend their icons.

But for all the differences, new LifeSearch research reveals an interesting consensus. Baby boomers and millennials agree: our 20s is/ was the most stressful time of life. 

When asked during which time of your life do you think you spent the most time worrying? Most respondents replied my twenties, and a whopping 77% further said that they either do or did worry all of the time throughout that decade. 

What exactly are/ were the big ticket worries? Fundamentally they haven't changed, one generation to the next. Money, jobs, the future, buying a house, and the health and wellbeing of people we love. People's core anxieties haven't moved on much. 

And while millennials may cast Brexit Britain as a uniquely disastrous social and political event – and they're right – baby boomers can hark back to a time of strikes, three-day weeks, riots, blackouts and food shortages as the demise of UK industry shook the very bedrock of society.

Baby boomers, too, grew up in the shadow of WWII when the USSR and USA were minutes away from nuking the bejesus out of one another. Generation to generation, the earth blowing up is a consistent worry - only now we fear emissions and not missiles.

Really, there might be more screens, there might be more news, and things might seen more polarised and tense than ever before



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