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Frequently asked questions about this type of policy

Life insurance is a family of insurance products that pay out in the events of sickness, injury and death.

The best-known is life insurance itself. Those who buy life insurance will, when they die, leave a lump sum payment to their loved ones. Customers typically choose a lump sum amount that’ll cover their mortgage, but may want extra on top to service debt, pay for the funeral, or to simply give their family a financial boost.

Before you investigate or buy life insurance you also need to know that it’s not just about lump-sum-death-payouts. You’re much more likely to get seriously ill before you retire than you are to die, that’s why many more products exist to protect lives and lifestyles against the financial impact of illness and/ or injury. 

Choosing the right product(s) for you really does depend on your age and stage in life. It may not make sense to buy a life insurance policy if you’re young, healthy, single and kid-free with no mortgage. Instead, it might be more beneficial (and cheaper) to protect your income via critical illness cover or income protection. 

Sorry to answer a question with a question, but how much is a holiday?

It depends on who, where, what, why, when, how … 

The cost of life insurance depends on the many component factors that make you you: your age and stage, health, habits, hobbies, what’s going on at home, needs, and how much you want to leave behind. 

At LifeSearch, we match people and families to life insurance cover that fits their needs and circumstances. Too often, people buy life insurance online that falls short of covering their true needs or, in some cases, goes the other way and over-insures them way beyond what they need. And there are much more fun ways to waste money than that.

So how much does it cost? It really depends on you, your health, family, lifestyle and all that’s going on. Use our online quote tool and we’ll ask you upfront about all of the above so you can compare life insurance quotes (real and guaranteed quotes, not indicative ones) and size things up. 

We get you might be more comfortable talking this through with an expert so click here to arrange that. Either way, we’ll help you buy a life insurance policy that works for unique you.

Really glad you asked. A lot of people buy life insurance that only centres on the death bit. They don’t think to insure their life or lifestyle in case their health takes a bad turn. 

Critical illness cover’s a bit like car insurance: you pay your premiums in the hope you’ll never need to use it … but you feel better knowing it’s there. 

Because there are more costs associated with serious illness than you might think. Loss of income’s an obvious one, but there’s also the possibility you’ll have to pay for modifications to the home, or for rehab, or for private medical treatment, or for non-standard drugs, or for in-home nurse care.

This is where critical illness cover helps. It pays out a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness at any time during the term of the policy (only illness covered on your specific policy will be covered - different insurers offer different critical illness products which cover different illnesses).

With critical illness cover, you decide how long you want the policy to run. Many people choose their term based on when they’ll own their home, or when they’ll retire, or when their financial dependents will stop being financial dependents. If you follow our online quote tool you can compare different providers’ critical illness cover now.

Level term offers the same amount of cover for the duration of the policy. If you buy a life insurance policy for £100,000 over 25 years, then you’re covered for £100,000 from day one …

Even 24 years, 11 months and 29 days later you’ll still be covered for that £100,000 (assuming you didn’t cancel and payments have been kept up to date). 

Decreasing term policies reduce that total cover amount in parallel with the reducing debt outstanding on some types of mortgages. For example, if you have a repayment mortgage the longer you’ve been paying it the smaller the amount is left to pay back… so the less insurance you need to cover it.

And yes, with decreasing cover, if you’re still alive once your mortgage is paid off, your life insurance is no longer required.

But that’s enough theory, why not compare the two for real by following our online journey.

The short answer’s no. 

But a lot of people do buy life insurance when they take on a mortgage because it’s such a significant overhead and, say you died before repaying it, that’s a lot of unexpected debt to leave behind for grieving loved ones.

If your partner or family can’t service that debt, there’s a very real risk they’ll lose their home and the security, emotions and memories it represents. 

Quite simply, it could a good idea to buy life insurance young because it could mean cheaper premiums. 

A lot of people don’t appreciate that the monthly cost of your life insurance is usually locked in for the duration of your policy: if you buy a life insurance policy to cover you for 25 years at £30 per month, you’ll only ever pay £30 per month. It’s known as guaranteed premiums, but there are also monthly payments that can be reviewable so watch out for those to as they can go up.

Buy life insurance young and you’re not only bringing youth to the table, you’re less likely to have the kind of health complaints that generally increase premiums so you’ll probably secure a lower rate. Say you develop a heart issue down the line… you’ll continue paying what you signed up for despite the higher risk.

Say you wait until later in life to buy life insurance, and you bring that same heart issue to the table, your risk is higher from the get-go and your premiums will reflect that. 

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