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Frequently asked questions about this type of policy

Life insurance protects your loved ones with a lump sum payout, ensuring that they don’t suffer financially if you’re not around anymore. A policy is usually bought to cover the period (or term) that your family most need help i.e. during a mortgage term, or when your children are financially dependent on you.

It all depends on a few things; your health, your age, your smoker status, the amount of cover you're after and maybe even your hobbies. Read more about the average cost of life insurance here.

Critical illness cover pays a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness during the term of the policy. You decide on the length of the policy: many people choose to have cover until their kids have flown the nest, until the mortgage is paid, or until they plan to retire. 

Think of critical illness cover like car insurance: you pay every month or year for it and hope you never ever need to use it, but you feel better knowing it’s there. Just in case.

Level term policies offer the same amount of cover throughout the term of the plan. 

Decreasing term policies reduce cover to match the reducing debt of some types of mortgage, making them cheaper.

Here's some helpful guides...

We've picked 3 guides we think you'd like, but you can visit the Advice & Guides hub for more.

A quick guide to life insurance

Life insurance can be confusing. Our two-minute guide tells you everything you need to know.
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A quick guide to critical illness insurance

Did you know that critical illness insurance can protect you against over 50 different illnesses? 
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How long does it take to buy a policy?

Did you know, most people can buy a protection policy immediately?! Find out the steps involved in this handy guide.
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What’s the ‘right amount’ of life cover?

It’s different for everyone. To figure out the ‘right amount’ of cover for you, you’ll want to factor in your outstanding debt, your family commitments (now and in future) and what you can afford to spend each month in premiums.

Our calculator will help. And after you calculate the ‘right amount’ of cover, give us a call (or leave your details we’ll call you) so LifeSearch can search the market for policies that match what you’re after.


Plug in your commitments to understand what cover's good for you.


Any mortgage left to pay?

How much have you left on any current mortgages in your name


Loans, credit cards & other debts

Total up all the non-mortgage debt you have: loans, credit cards, overdrafts and any other borrowing


Potential funeral costs

The average UK funeral costs between £4,000 and £5,000. If you have expensive tastes or a massive family, it may be more. Worth thinking about.


Childcare, school or higher education costs

You’ll know your childcare, private school or tuition fee obligations. But did you know it costs roughly £1,500 - £2,500 per year to fund one child through state school? There’s sports, activities, after school clubs, uniforms, travel expenses, technology (such as a laptop or iPad) to consider.


Additional lump sum

Life insurance covers your obligations and debt. A lump sum on top offers extra comfort and options for your family after you’ve gone

£ -

Existing life insurance, savings & investments

Total up any savings, investments and life insurance policies that you intend to keep. When you die your savings go towards your debt anyway - so it’s important you’re not ‘over-insured’. That’s just a waste of money.

Your total cover estimate:

£ 0

Let us find the best cover for you!

Get advice & quote

Not sure about your calculation? We can help you choose the cover level to suit you with free advice here.

Remember, this only estimates how much you might need to help you make your decision.

Let us get to know you and do the hard work for you

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