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Coca-Cola isn’t about to go Times New Roman. Jack Daniels doesn't talk in hashtags. Adidas wouldn’t accidentally add a stripe. We’re unlikely to see Roadkill Recipes from Lush. 

From the biggest FTSE companies to the best cult labels - a good brand has immovable rules when it comes to colours, fonts, logo, icons, imagery and tone-of-voice. LifeSearch do too.

Our brand is our brand, the way we present it is not accidental, loose or open to interpretation. 

Our style is built on consistent rules and angles. The same goes for our logo. Our tone-of-voice is deliberate; it's laced with our values and our mission.

In this Brand Handbook, you'll find a comprehensive guide for presenting LifeSearch in any and all of your communications. This book lays out explicit guidelines (and explanations) around our logo; colour; fonts; iconography, imagery and tone-of-voice.

These rules, do's and don'ts aren't here to trip you up but to guide you. They're here to ensure the LifeSearch brand comes across clearly, consistently and cohesively at all times.

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