Feel-Good Claims

30 Apr 2019

LifeSearch and MorganAsh have collaborated on a paper as long-standing champions of the claimant experience, we both have the cultural values and scale to relish being in the front line of making the claims experience great for claimants.

We have a shared mission; which we would love insurers, intermediaries and re-insurers to join: We want to make enthusiastic supporters out of the people we help; the bereaved, the critically ill and the disabled. Far more so than our market has ever thought possible. How? By making those who have claimed on their policies feel so satisfied with how they have been dealt with that they wish to spread the word.

Claims are awful. Not because insurers claims teams aren’t doing a good and ever improving job. And certainly not because we have to pay out. We’ve never met anyone in the industry that didn’t feel great about that. No, they are awful for the obvious reason that something ghastly has happened to the person making the claim: they are either bereaved, critically ill, or so disabled they cannot do their job. But claims are where all our promises are proven true. And in that moment the awful becomes a wonderful thing.

The core of our promise is “peace of mind”, and claims are our key chance to give consumers an experience that turns them into fans of what we do. In an age where power is flowing rightly to the consumer, we should be making the sharp end of our world – the end that matters most –  utterly brilliant.

Or to put it another way,

“The claim is our core product, not the policy.”

- Tom Baigrie

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