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Tele-Interviewer (Leeds)

Tele-Interviewer (Leeds)

Taking our customers through their medical applications over the phone.

Starting Salary — £17,000

Perks value per year — £2,000 - £5,000 (perks are performance related and depend on a number of factors and time in role)

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What it's all about...

  • Taking clients through their medical applications
  • Thoughtfully and fully covering tricky areas of questioning
  • Being highly accurate to give the best chances of the insurance paying out
  • Working to a busy schedule of daily interviews
  • Being a great ambassador for our culture and values

A Tele-Interviewer’s life is busy as you’ll have a series of 30 minute appointments each day. After the Protection Adviser has given their advice, you’ll call the client to run through the medical application for their insurance. The applications are intricate and full of medical lingo so need accuracy and patience every time. At the end of the interview, most times you can tell the client they are now protected which is great news to share and is our very purpose.


  • Speaking to LifeSearch clients to take them through medical applications
  • Sensitivity and tactfulness around tricky and personal medical questions
  • Great attention to detail, accuracy and pride in your work
  • Being able to work flexible shift patterns covering daytime, evenings and weekends
  • Buying into and representing LifeSearch's culture & values


  • Be curious, inquisitive, conversational and natural
  • Focus on doing what’s right for every client, every time
  • Be determined to deliver your goals with daily organisation and a never-give-up work ethic
  • A keenness to develop, learn and grow
  • Love what you do. We don’t do grey 9 – 5 here
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  • Step 1 is apply
  • Step 2 is we call you
  • Step 3 is interview
  • Step 4 is follow up
  • Step 5 is job offer

The application process:

Start by dropping us a line with your CV. We’ll have a look over it and if you strike us as a LifeSearcher in the making, we’ll call to say hi. After that, you’ll have a telephone chat with a team manager and if that goes to plan, you’ll come in to meet us.

Our selection sessions last a few hours and are a fun way for us to get to know each other. This is as much about you choosing us as it is us choosing you.

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