Xmas Memories

14 Dec 2019



Everyone wants the picture perfect Instagram Christmas but as these stories from LifeSearcher’s show its not always the case. Lets have a look at some great Christmas memories


Memory #1

Probably the year we went to a family friends house during the Christmas dinner and were all sitting around the dinning table, rubbing our full tummies and lapping up the last of the wine. Suddenly the fire alarm went off and my father and our friends father, both being ex Navy men, both jumped up to escort the family out of the house as quickly and orderly as possible. However, it turns out my younger sister was missing. Being a child at the time she left the grown up table to go into the living room and keep herself company. Turns out she watched one of the candles catch fire to one of the Christmas wreaths and just watch it go up with a stone cold stare. As we were all being rushed outside she was just sitting in the living room calmly watching Christmas burn without a bother. Yeah...

Memory #2

1988, aged 6, got an alba keyboard, put in on demo & it played wake me up before you go-go. My Nan thought i was playing it myself. We still laugh about it now, lovely memory of her at Xmas as she's been gone 25 years x

Memory #3

Almost ending up in fist fight with my brother because of the Christmas name game


Memory #4

One year my nan decided to use the same style jugs for gravy and juice, she then proceeded to pour orange juice all over my xmas dinner.. not the best dinner I’ve had.

Memory #5

Being sick at the xmas table.........

Memory #6

Our first Xmas living together and the wife invited her parents. We do the family visits in a morning so she put the turkey in the oven on a low heat - or so she thought. Needless to say, we got back to a black turkey, every year she is now reminded of it by her step dad, she'll never live it down.

Memory #7

The turkey would not fit in the oven.

Memory #8

Grandad falling asleep at the dinner table and putting peas in his nose. The same year my cousin, uncle and me having a mouldy cheese eating contest, it did not end well for any of us.

Memory #

My parents had a trick where you would open all your presents and then they would send you out to another room to grab something and you would see your big present. They did this to my sister and asked her to go and get a bin bag from the garage. She walked straight by a shiny new bike, picked up the bin bags and came back in. The look on my parents face was priceless as they had to encourage her back out to the garage to finally see her bike. 

Memory #10

Classic for me is when mum poured gravy over my dads head in what we thought was a light hearted fun moment. Turns out it wasn’t….. 





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