Thank You NHS

12 May 2020

Thank You NHS


In the mire of lockdown and the COVID crisis, many of us felt the discomfort of being stuck at home. Frustration, exhaustion, anxiety. We still feel it, truth be told. There’s no getting used to this. 


But for all we feel unsettled, we’re not on the front line. We can’t imagine the front line. 


Each of us has, in all probability, had at least one experience with the NHS. Some of us might guiltily admit that when the world’s humming as usual, we maybe even take it for granted. 


To call the NHS ‘it’ makes it sound like a singular item; like one unit. In reality it’s an army of mums and dads and brother and sisters and husbands and wives and friends and grandparents and weekend warriors and singers and dancers and football fans and readers and academics and golfers and skiers and skydivers … 


It’s an institution comprised of everyday people who protect us, fight for us, care for us, listen to us. It’s a team of people who, at the best of times, give a little extra. And during spring 2020, they’ve given even more … much more than usual. Much more than a little extra


There’s too many and not enough words to express the gratitude we have for the nurses, doctors, specialists, counsellors, ambulance drivers, researchers, scientists, managers, support teams, carers, administrators … everyone on board the NHS for putting us and our loved ones before themselves, their own health and their own families. 


Like billions all over the world, we’re limited in how we can help; in what we can do. Our LifeSearch donations programme is the one contribution we can make to help and to show our thanks … 


to the NHS. Protecting us in the nation’s hour of need. 

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