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Summer Fun On A Budget

Summer Fun On A Budget

1 Jun 2017

Summer is upon us and so are the school holidays. 
Keeping children entertained is no easy feat! It can be a bit of a drain on the wallet too!
Below I have listed some cost-effective ways to ban boredom and have a summer of fun.

Melon lollies

Healthy, cheap and fun to make, what more could you ask for?
Simply cut the melon in to triangles (or get creative and make any shapes you like)
pierce a stick in to them and freeze. (Oh and enjoy them too!)

Camping holiday

Whether you go abroad or stick around in the UK holidays are expensive, however you can camp for pretty reasonable prices now from sites like a lot of campsites have the essentials too, like toilets, showers, and electricity... Some even having little convenience stores and swimming pools. 

Visit the beach

Did you know most of the UK’s biggest cities are within 90 minutes of some of the best seaside hot spots? It is really worth doing your research and making sure you aren’t 
over-spending on fuel or fare. A great website to check your nearest beach is... you guessed it!


Geocaching is becoming increasingly popular after the likes of Pokémon go getting a huge portion of the uk public walking through a fun app. 
start by downloading a geocache app and use the GpS on your smartphone to locate hidden treasure in national parks & cities.

Outdoor film fest

Why not host your own mini Cannes?
For the cost of a trip to the cinema you can pick up a mini projector from Amazon (here), sure the quality won’t quite be 4k and the sound won’t be incredible, but the magic of watching a film in the garden will not be lost.

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