Strangest Things Left in Wills

The Strangest Things Left in Wills

15 Jul 2022

A prostate, a single penny and £100k to a pet goldfish...

These are the strangest things people have left in their wills.

New research has revealed some of the strangest things people have left in wills.
The list includes Christmas socks, a single penny and a kidney stone. 
The research carried out by a life insurance broker analysed public messenger boards and also found manure spreader and a demand to be buried in a Pringles tube amongst the list of bizarre things left in wills.

New research has revealed some of the most bizarre things people have left in their wills to loved ones, or perhaps not-so-loved ones based on some of the items bequeathed to family members in their wills.  

The research has been carried out by life insurance broker, LifeSearch, who analysed public messenger boards including Reddit and Ranker to find the strangest items and requests.  

Ten Of The Strangest Things Left In Wills:

1. One man left his prostate, to a giraffe
2. A lady left a trust fund of £100,000 to her pet goldfish
3. One man’s last wish was to have his ashes fired out of a gun
4. A manure spreader was left by a father for his son [who also disinherited him]
5. A pair of Christmas socks
6. One grandmother left a single penny and list of “nasty comments” for each family member 
7. A Toblerone 
8. A kidney stone
9. Napoleon famously documented he wanted his head to be shaved upon on his death and for his hair to be shared amongst his family
10. The inventor of Pringles cans used his will to document he wanted to be cremated and his ashes to be packed in a Pringles can and buried!

The list has been compiled in a bid to raise awareness about the importance of wills and how crucial it is to be clued up on the process of planning a will, no matter your age or health. 

The company’s mission is to talk about the realities that death brings by providing expert advice on life insurance.

LifeSearch also wants to open up the conversation around wills and the importance of making one in order for loved ones to know the wishes of those who have passed away.  Don't know where to start?  Read our guide on how to write a will.

LifeSearch hopes that by highlighting the weird and wonderful things people leave in their wills, it will encourage people to think about the future and begin planning what they would like to happen in the event of them not being around to tell their loved ones.

Emma Walker, Chief Marketing Officer at LifeSearch said: “Planning for death is daunting, morbid and something we naturally don’t want to do. Yet writing a will is hugely important and, at a practical level, a way to ensure the things we love and treasure make it to the right people. Using the guide we’ve put together, we invite people to side-step the jargon and plan, with confidence, their affairs - including safe passage for those quirky and esoteric items we collect along the way.”


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