NFL in the UK (and other things we didn't know were massive)

NFL in the UK

30 Jan 2020


Obviously American Football is massive, but it’s surprisingly big in the UK, too. Although Britain's own professional American Football league ended years ago, the sport is still widely played at scores of UK colleges and universities. The NFL has been bringing exhibition games to London since 2007 and sees the UK as its primary growth market.

And while NFL TV audiences in the US are dwindling, over here they're on the up and up. This isn’t new - we've been watching the NFL on TV ever since Channel 4 first broadcast game highlights in the early 1980s. In fact, in 1985 an estimated 4m people tuned into Super Bowl XX. 
The upcoming Super Bowl LIV will be viewed by an estimated 10m people in the UK, with fans accessing the showpiece event on TV, radio and via online streaming.

Mark Hamill

For laymen and women, Mark Hamill is the man that Hollywood forgot. His portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the first of the three, six, nine, Star Wars films should have led to fame and fortune.
Which it did, actually. But as the legend goes, Hamill was eclipsed by Star Wars sidekick Harrison Ford, who went on to become a bonafide A-lister. Upset and angry, poor Mark retired to a cave in Greenland to cry for 40 years…
Right? Wrong. Hamill's career has, from a productivity and a financial point of view, been utterly outstanding. A frequent computer game and cartoon voiceover artist, Hamill writes, produces and, yes, still acts, too.
His Joker in the beloved cartoon Batman: The Animated Series, is not only a fan favourite but some critics' pick as the best ever portrayal of the Joker. Given the list of Jokers past and present that's quite a feat.
A forgotten man? Goodness no - Hamill has amassed a personal fortune of some $20m.


Poor Microsoft. They ruled computing for a generation until, in the noughties, lovely Steve came along with his lovely iPod. Then his iPhone. Then his iPad. Then his Macbooks. Dot dot dot.
But if you think Microsoft has bottomed out to become some has-been brand, think again. The company – started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 – is the second most valuable business in the world, ahead of Amazon, Facebook and even Google owners Alphabet.
Microsoft seems like yesterday's news because the company made a deliberate decision to step back from the front line. They're less about the in-your-face products now, and instead see themselves as enablers. Their products and services are now all about facilitating innovation and communication. LinkedIn, Skype, Github? All Microsoft properties.


Oh go on. LifeSearch were the first breakout life insurance broker in the UK, starting way back in 1998. 
We employ 500 people and protect hundreds of thousands of UK families. We're top three in the Sunday Times list of best places to work and have a trophy cabinet with nearly 100 awards for customer service.
Maybe you haven't heard of us, but we're working on that.


Obviously Coldplay are massive. But how massive is hard to overstate. The fourpiece have been in the Top 10 list of highest-grossing artists every year since 2000. The band's 2018 A Head Full of Dreams tour grossed $523 million in ticket sales, the third highest-grossing tour of all time behind only The Rolling Stones and U2.
Because the band's sometimes-saccharine melodies are too mushy for many hard-faced muzos to swallow, the group’s global popularity can be dismissed. Yet on the basis of averages, every person on earth has contributed around £0.14 towards Coldplay's album sales alone.
A lot of Coldplay negativity is to do with frontman, the one-time Jay-Z producer and 'World's Sexiest Vegetarian' 2005, Chris Martin. Not that he'll care that much - his band has sold 100m records and counting.

Kylie Kardashian

To quote Tom, an English Barrister, on Quora, “I have, of course, heard of Kim Kardashian. However, I have no idea what she does or why she is famous. I would not recognise her if I passed her on the street.”
For some demographics, the Kardashians are the most famous (perhaps the most important) family in the world. Others might know that there's a Kim, and a reality TV show, and that the family are pretty big on something called Instagram, but that's about it.
So maybe we can introduce you to Kylie, the youngest Kardashian who is, in fact, a billionaire and worth more than the rest of her family combined. 
How has she amassed such wealth? Kylie is 100% owner of a $900m-valued business: Kylie Cosmetics. Her reality TV salaries and endorsements are a nice little sideline that bring her up into certified billions.

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