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LifeSearch: More than meets the Eye

LifeSearch: More than meets the Eye

15 Sep 2021

We say we protect families, lives, and lifestyles. But really, what does that mean? 

Off the bat, it means connecting customers to life insurance or protection products so any bad health or life situations don’t disrupt a family’s way of life or finances. 

In just that we’re not unique. But that there is the tip of our iceberg. 

For some businesses, a new customer signature marks the end of a journey. For LifeSearch, it marks the beginning of a lifetime of protection. Of having support on-side when you need it. 


Over the next few months, as part of our More than meets the Eye series, you’ll meet ‘Searchers who are a quiet lifeline to thousands of families forced to navigate a catastrophe. 

You’ll meet our claims team, who push for fast and fair claims resolution on behalf of families; hurt and grieving. We do it so they don’t have to. 

You’ll hear a little about LifeSearch Care - the team that connects customers with vital support, counselling, and medical services. You’ll hear more about our free Trust service, which enables families to swerve the delays, fees and frustrations typical when settling a loved one’s estate. 

You’ll also meet the Hit Squad, a team of ‘Searchers who urge insurers to revisit complex cases and go all out to protect customers with extra needs. Of the 3,026 decisions challenged in 2020, the Hit Squad successfully overturned 1,317 of them. 

And you’ll meet the people who review policies to regularly ensure customers are optimally protected to match their evolving needs. Contrary to popular belief, reviews aren’t about squeezing more out, they can be about saving customers money. Here, anyway.  


LifeSearch launched in 1998 with three people, two desks and one mission - to help customers make life insurance decisions based on their needs, not the insurer’s. 

Some 23 years later and we’ve evolved. Today, 500 LifeSearchers work to that mission and beyond. Protecting families is a very broad remit. It starts with protecting hundreds of thousands of families – but it’s so much more thereafter. 

What we do isn’t sexy. We can’t put it in a swimsuit. We can’t drive it through the desert at 200mph; the sun bouncing majestically on the sumptuous, pearlescent paintwork. 

But it matters. So for the next few months, we’d love to connect you with the who, how, what and why of LifeSearch. There’s more to us than meets the eye

Let us get to know you and do the hard work for you

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