LifeSearcher Christmas Traditions

LifeSearcher Christmas Traditions

4 Dec 2019


Our very own LifeSearcher's tell you all about their Christmas Traditions


My recently departed Grandad never used to cook, apart from Christmas morning where he'd cook up a legendary Irish breakfast. Soda bread, potato bread, black pudding - the works! I always looked forward to that. I have memories of Branston's Fruity Sauce on the table along with the usual HP and Heinz.

I lived with my grandparents along with my Mum when we moved over from Ireland. So we all used to have Christmas Day in the house and the rest of the family (all now emigrated from across the sea at this stage) would pour round to the house in the afternoon and about 12 of us would squeeze around the table, or fight to eat dinner from a tray on our laps on the sofa - particularly appealing to the youngsters -  whilst taking bets on what colour the queen would be wearing for her Christmas speech.

Later on we'd get the board games out, or charades of course. Whilst the beer, wine and whisky (in Grandad's case) would be flowing.



We tend to keep it pretty standard. Lots of new age Christmas traditions have started since my boy came along, elf on a shelf, Christmas Eve boxes and all that jazz... I'm always on edge around Christmas that i don't slip up in this festive web of white lies! 

This year also marks our first in our own home, so what better way to celebrate than inviting the whole family! (gulp!) That should be interesting.

We also have quite a few mates on our street, so we have organised a Christmas themed street crawl, going to each house and completing challenges and games (As well as having a few sherries along the way!) I hope this becomes our new Christmas tradition!



Laura and I spend Christmas Eve night using wrapping paper to cover the entrance to our front room (or some may call it lounge) so the kids can smash through it get to their presents.  Its the best bit of the morning and the kids prefer that I think to the actual presents themselves.  I always make gluhwein and insist that everyone stands outside in the freezing cold to get the full effect which is never popular.  I then take my Dad to the pub normally in true 1970s style to have a pint before coming back for lunch.  After lunch its board games and we live in a cul-da-sac so lots of people come out into the street and we have another drink or two.  I'm lucky enough to have a van with 4 beer taps on the side so you can imagine what happens next.


Tom B

My Mum was Scottish and emigrated to South Africa when she married my Dad, so we always had a full British Christmas. Only trouble was that it was mid-summer down there, so we had it on Christmas Evening. Presents under the tree happened after dinner when adults were merry and Dad was Santa and small boys were indulged. 1971 and for a 10 year old a model of a Saturn V Rocket, a pair of cool white jeans and a purple shirt. Happiness or what!


Tom N

My wife and her family have the unusual tradition of having Pork Pie and Bucks Fizz for breakfast on Christmas morning. one that I've fully embraced since marrying into the family!



Our tradition is that my Mum used to host Christmas at her house and we used to have what she called a "lock in" and from Christmas Eve we would have my Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles & Cousins all crash in the house and no one could leave until after New Year



Dad always cooked Christmas breaky , so Christmas Eve I'd come home to find a whole Ox tongue soaking in the sink (sorry to the vegetarians amongst us) and on Christmas morning there'd be slices of tongue, ham, pork pie with bread and butter and Lea and Perrins sauce.  Needless to say Damon goes green whenever I suggest we have this for breakfast but I still buy a few slices for myself to eat, it just wouldn't be Christmas without my 'traditional' breakfast.



My Mum used to buy a new decoration every year, so our tree is the most random and beautiful tree out there (don't try and tell me otherwise)



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