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Introducing Searching for HW&H

Introducing Searching for H,W&H

11 May 2021

The lowdown on our summer social campaign

The research effort for the Health, Wealth & Happiness report confirmed a lot of what we all suspected: during the pandemic, some groups and individuals saw improvements in their health, happiness, work/ life balance, and financial positions.

But for other groups, notably younger people, women and, rather obviously, those whose employment was impacted by the pandemic, 2020 hit especially hard.  

In a bid to take what we know and put it to work, LifeSearch have handpicked three participants who’ve suffered ebbs and flows in health, wealth and happiness. To help each participant level up, we’ve paired them each with an expert coach. 

Welcome to our Searching for Health, Wealth & Happiness campaign


LifeSearcher Zuky Edgar will be paired with Baz Moffat, a former Great Britain rower and international coach specialising in women’s health. 

Baz founded her new business The Well alongside The Digital GP Dr Bella Smith and former Head of Physiology at the England Institute of Sport, Dr Emma Ross. 

The Well has seen its star rise significantly since launch in January this year, and the trio are now working with a number of sports institutions, brands and publishers to raise the bar in women’s health.

With Baz’s help, 24-year-old Zuky wants to tap greater health and wellbeing in light of a recent diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. 


Despite a solid combined household income, LifeSearcher Helen Slaymaker and her husband Dean are dealing with legacy debt, poor credit scores, and have - as yet - been unable to get onto the property ladder. The couple are keen to build a stable future for themselves and their two young children. 

Alongside financial expert Davinia Tomlinson, a 15-year investment manager and now CEO and Founder of rainchq, an organisation which helps women manage money, get ahead, and take control of their financial futures. 

With Davinia’s help, Helen hopes she’ll be in a better place to manage her finances and take herself and her family a step further into financial security. 


Angus Baigrie has never been diagnosed with a mental illness but for some years he has suffered bouts of low-mood that, he believes, have affected the path his life has taken. 

Enter Luke Ambler, a former rugby professional who left the game early to concentrate on his own mental health and wellbeing. 

Luke founded Andy’s Man Club, as “a place for men to come together in a safe environment to talk about issues and problems” after Luke’s brother-in-law, tragically, took his own life. 

He’s a campaigner, a TedTalker, a speaker and a coach who’s helped thousands around the world to talk about what’s going on in the name of greater happiness and contentedness. 

Angus hopes to take advantage of Luke’s experience, honesty and positivity to tap greater mental health and happiness.

Searching for Health, Wealth & Happiness

The campaign spans summer 2021 and you can watch as our three participants, with help from their coaches, work towards their goals. 

We’ll bring you peaks at the progress of our participants through video diaries, coach check-in calls and by bringing you the tips and techniques our coaches rely on to help clients get ahead. 

We wish Zuky, Helen and Angus good luck, and look forward to showing you how their lives progress over the next few months.

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