Five Tips to Excel WfH

Five Tips to Excel WfH

17 Apr 2020

With working from home firmly under the spotlight, LifeSearcher David Ball is here to offer some wisdom.
A top-performer, Dave has spent 10 of his 14 years with LifeSearch working from home. Ask him, knowing what to do to excel at home isn’t rocket science …
Sticking with it’s the hard part. Over to Dave:

What's your motivation?

Sounds a bit like the old actors’ cliché, but finding your ‘why’ at work is essential. Why are you doing this job? Know that and you’ll tap into positivity, drive and focus you never knew you had …  
Don’t know - and it might be time to ask questions.
For me it’s pretty simple: my motivation is protecting families while providing for my own one. And the better I am at my job, the more potential there is for luxuries, holidays and trips.

Break the day up

As worthy and motivating as your ‘why’ is, it’s still easy to run low on battery. The easiest solution (which we all know but too few of us do) is to take breaks.
I’ve been 10 years working from home – I know my job inside out and backwards – but I still have to walk away. I still have to recharge regularly.
I include walks, breaks and a strict meal regime as part of my work diary. If I didn’t, I know I wouldn’t consistently give customers my best.

Stick to a space

As far as it’s possible, try to have a separate physical space for work.
When you visit that space, it’s work time. When you finish and leave that space, you symbolically close the door on the day’s work.
I don’t go back to my home office for the rest of the evening because it has a triggering effect. It catapults me back into a work mindset … which can cause stress and headaches at a time when I’d rather be present with my family.

Switch off and stay switched off

Early days, I struggled to draw a line between work and life. But it’s crucial to do if you’re to maintain a healthy balance.
Your computer is never more than a few metres away, winking at you, enticing you. It can suck you in like a tractor beam and before you know it you’re back at emails …
It requires discipline to resist the urge. But if you fail to draw a line between work and life you’ll simultaneously be at both … and neither … at all times.

Clue the kids in

It pays to keep the family in the loop and on board with your working hours, and to explain what you need from them during work time.
I have a nine-year-old daughter and my wife works for the NHS – on a variety of different shift patterns – so my schedule is a bit up and down and hectic. Especially right now.
When things are normal, I generally do the school run - and that eats into my working day. Thankfully, my daughter understands that and she holds up her end of the deal, using the time daddy still needs to work for homework or engaging with friends.


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