Don't Kevin us at Christmas

Don't Kevin us at Christmas

10 Dec 2019


Ever watched Home Alone and thought about Life Protection? Maybe just us then...


In 1990 a large Chicago family were preparing for the Christmas of a lifetime - together, they'd welcome in December 25th in Paris. But with so many cousins, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters in the mix, the night before departure was a stressful affair.

In a bid to mitigate the day-before angst, pizza was ordered, busses were booked and alarms were set. There was even a security consultation with a shiny-toothed cop …

Alas, someone messed up the pizza order. An argument broke out. Coke was spilled and the tickets got soaked. The family’s youngest was sent to bed in disgrace. Later as the family slept, a power cut killed all radio alarms …

Rising late, panic ensued. The race was on to get up, dressed, grab the soiled tickets, pack the bus and get a wriggle on. Bombing it through the airport terminal, the family barely made it. Relief. The parents settled into first class and, as the flight left the runway, those nagging what did we forget doubts started to ease. All was well.

By now you've recognised this tale as the plot of classic Christmas smash Home Alone. The acute stress of a Christmas getaway caused a family’s best-laid-plans to disintegrate. Young Kevin, portrayed by Macaulay Culkin, was somehow left behind to fend for himself against bungling burglars. Meanwhile his family is (should this be past tense?) stuck in Europe, miserable and kicking themselves.
What's this got to do with LifeSearch?
In many ways protection products are just like Kevin McCallister. After 21 years in the game, it's a painful admission to have to make. But with the stress and chaos of the silly season, it's so easy to leave us behind as more pressing issues cloud our judgement.

Life insurance, income protection, critical illness cover … in the heat of the moment we, like Kevin, look like a bratty afterthought while other things seem more important. Protection starts to look expendable, forgettable. Like Kevin, we start to look like a pain in the rear.

At LifeSearch, we're well used to being forgotten at Christmas. Cancellations rain down upon us in January as people look to claw back some of what they've spent. We get it - it's easy to remove an intangible insurance product from a hefty list of direct debits. When cash is tight and our bank accounts have been ravaged, protection begins to look rather frivolous. 

Unlike car insurance, life insurance products aren't mandatory. Illness and death seem quite unlikely right now, don’t they? In the post-Christmas haze, threats to our family’s wellbeing look more like bills, food and heating the house. Protecting against the impact of illness and death seems way too abstract when the rent is due. 

We get it - we look like an intangible, abstract purchase. But protection is the purchase of peace-of-mind. For that reason, it's far more priceless than it's given credit for. So to mitigate us being Kevinned at Christmas, we’d like to suggest you do three things: 
1.     Remember all the reasons why you took out protection in the first place. Remember weighing up the pros and cons and making the best decision based on what’s going on for you and the family. Remember you choose a price that fit - and remember that this price will remain as is for the foreseeable. Your rationale for protection hasn't changed – even if your cashflow temporarily has.
2.     If you struggle with debt or cashflow after Christmas, don't just cancel us - speak with us. If there's really no other way and you can't trim elsewhere, let us at least see what we can do for you. Some protection is better than no protection. And remember, if you cancel outright, you risk a higher price next time if too much time passes, your health goes downhill, or your circumstances change. 
3.     Watch Home Alone. 
Christmas is a stressful time. Our priorities shift and it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. It's easier to focus on the holes in your finances and look at an intangible – like protection – as an easy place to start slashing.

But protection is a boost to your long term family and financial security. We hope the reason you have protection in place won’t matter for many years yet. We’d like to be naive to think you won’t ever need protection … but you know this bit, you will. 

Families are better protected. The McCallisters were better for Kevin. Don’t Kevin your protection at Christmas.



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