Alternative Christmas Dinners

Alternative Christmas Dinners

21 Dec 2019


It’s Not Always Turkey. Let’s have a look at what alternative Christmas dinners our LifeSearcher’s have or have had.

  1.  A curry.
  2. Steak & chips.
  3. I've been veggie for about 9/10 year and went vegan this year so every year we try to make an exciting veggie main instead. It depends on how the mammy is feeling as to wait we cook!
  4. BBQ on the beach with a lot of alcohol :)
  5. Beef Wellington - Gordon Ramsey's recipe. We didn't miss the turkey that year.
  6. My lovely Nan again decided one year, without telling anyone, we were having a Chinese style buffet for Xmas dinner.. it was nice but not really Christmasy..
  7. Lasagne
  8. There was once a power cut so we couldn't cook so we ordered Chinese food instead it was awesome.
  9. I was backpacking in Australia Christmas 2007 had a pot luck dinner brought by other backpackers from all over the world. We had jerk chicken Austrian potato salad and I of course made Yorkshire puddings.
  10. Full English but with Christmas crackers and champagne.

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