6 Apps To Help The Family Get Organised

6 Apps To Help The Family Get Organised

5 Aug 2019

Prepare to feng shui your finances and declutter your diaries with our pick of organisation apps

RescueTime – time/productivity manager

iOS / Android
Lite: free
Premium: £7/month (approx.).

We kick off with a sweet little number that will keep track of everything you do online. It might seem a bit big-brotherish, but the point of RescueTime is just as the name suggests.

The app keeps a log of hours spent browsing, word processing, social media-ing – you name it. RescueTime comes in app-form, but the desktop version is arguably even more effective in time management.

After setting productivity goals, users can ask RescueTime to block distracting apps and websites to help us hit said goals. The app provides daily reports showing us our IT habits up close so we can tweak our routines and behaviours in the name of productivity. 

This app is great for personal use but it has even been adopted by businesses, including Reddit and Kissmetrics, who are eager to keep employees from spiralling into social media rabbit-holes.

Cozi – family planner/ event tracker

iOS / Android
Free (with in-app purchases)

Bring some order to the chaos that is family life with Cozi, the family activity tracker that helps you stay on top of every doctor appointment; parent’s evening and family outing in one handy, shareable, user-friendly place. 

What makes Cozi so useful, is that everyone in the family can access and edit the calendar separately, plus they can use the messaging feature to share shopping lists, photos, recipes - you name it. The integrated journal even lets you capture those special family moments and share them over one centralised platform. Genius.



Wunderlist – to-do list manager

iOS / Android
Free (with in-app purchases)

If keeping lists is your game, then Wunderlist in the app for you. Praised by organisation professionals (yes that’s a thing) everywhere, Wunderlist boasts a user-friendly interface and capacity to manage multiple to-do lists at once without compromising functionality. 

The user can furnish tasks with relevant documents, photographs and voice recordings to make sure that any outstanding jobs are left quaking in their boots; as you mercilessly take them out one-by-one. 

For people who struggle with a hectic and varied work life as well as numerous social engagements, this app is second to none in keeping you ahead of the game.

Money Lover - budgeting tool

iOS / Android
Lite: free
Premium: £4.99

If you want to keep an eye on those purse-strings, and take the stress out of finance and budgeting, then Money Lover may have the answer. It’s an all-in-one freemium toolkit that allows you to track your cashflow and bank account activity safely and easily. 

Money Lover also enables you to create a meaningful budget, view infographic breakdowns of your spending, and see detailed, in-depth expense reports. These features empower the user, helping to curb excessive splurging before it’s too late. 

The premium app has all this plus a receipt scanner that instantly uploads purchases. There’s also a great budgeting tutor on-board, giving anyone - especially kids - a real head start in the perilous world of personal finance.

Cortana - Personal Assistant

iOS / Android

These days smartphones all come with their own digital assistants, but for anyone who might use a combination of Apple and Android products, or perhaps a Windows 10 PC, here’s Cortana. 

Cortana bridges the gap between operating systems. It works in tandem with Siri, Google and Microsoft to provide unparalleled virtual help to the user. 

Cortana can take notes, write lists and can keep you in touch with breaking news and weather forecasts. One fantastic feature is the use of geo-location alerts; that work in tandem with the comprehensive to-do list function. This combo means you get a helpful reminder to buy that bouquet of flowers when you pass the florists. Very helpful indeed.

Moment – Social media blocker

iOS / Android
Free (with in-app purchases)

Smartphone is king and perhaps we’re all a bit guilty of spending too much time on our screens. Here to reclaim some of those lost hours is Moment, an app designed to limit and reduce phone usage for you and - through helpful parental controls - the whole family. 

Moment automatically tracks usage to show the user at-a-glance just how long they spend on their phone and what apps are most time consuming. It also offers tips and steps on how to effectively reduce screen time. 

The parental control feature of the app can be used to establish phone-free periods for parents and children alike, helping the modern family to reconnect more regularly; without the possibility of smartphone or tablet distraction. 

For those looking to take a step back from the intense relationships many of us have with our devices, this app is an absolute godsend.


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