5 Things To Do (And Not Do) This Easter

5 Things To Do (And Not Do) This Easter

18 Apr 2019

Winter is over. Daylight is coming. 

As Game of Thrones-y as this sounds, we’ve got some ideas to help you avoid binge-watching your way through another bank holiday weekend.

You don’t want a Tuesday tinged with regret that you stared at a screen for Easter, right? Right? Here goes.

Easter egg hunt

Is there anything more traditional at this time of year than an egg hunt? If the weather stands up (even if it doesn’t - this is Britain), then why not drag the family out in the name of sweet, sweet treasure. 

The kids may need some coaxing, but perhaps the promise of tasty rewards can compete with the iPad for a few hours. 

You can put together a DIY hunt, but if that sounds a bit like hassle then check out what’s going on in your local community. You’ll be surprised how many coordinated events there are. 

In fact, Cadbury’s have partnered with the National Trust to host over 260 hunts across the UK all throughout April. It offers a chance family fun and support for the National Trust’s important conservation work.

Oh and a wildcard thought. It’s not fair the kids get all the scavenger-hunt-lols. So once the younglings crash out on chocolate, why not kick-off the adults’ hunt? Hidden item suggestions include craft beers, Prosecco, gadgets, chocolate body paint, underwear …

The list is endless - and it’s all in the holiday spirit. 

Spring cleaning

On the surface this doesn’t sound fun. But somehow, even the most mundane of spring traditions is cool and Instagrammable in 2019. Sales of cleaning supplies are, apparently, skyrocketing across the country thanks to domestic gods and goddesses on social media throwing out hacks, tips, tactics and ways to ramp up the fun-factor in the most tedious of household tasks. 

So with free time to play with, now’s the ideal moment to channel your inner Mrs Hinch. 

In the spirit tidy home, tidy mind we’d like to introduce the uninitiated to Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert whose book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up extols the benefits that a good home-declutter will have on your life, and your mental health. 

Perhaps your finances too because, after all, one person’s trash … 

Post-declutter why not try to sell your unwanted items? Car boot sales, Gumtree, eBay - there are plenty of ways to punt your stuff and boost the family coffers in the run-up to summer. 

So whether your big clean out’s in the name of order, mental health or profit, whack on a pair of marigolds and get the family on-board. This year, make them earn their chocolate.

Weekend away

Most of us get three, four, or even more days holiday over Easter, so it’s a great opportunity to make a proper escape. 

Given the spike in prices at this time of year, this is hardly breaking news so our advice is to think a little differently.

With temperatures set to rise, the likes of Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow may be hotter than the Corfus and Mallorcas of this world. So this year, why not first check out staycation options?

Or if you’re one of these people who says it’s not a holiday without a aeroplane, then it’s worth paying attention to what’s within a three-hour flight radius of the UK. Our suggestions include Prague, Bratislava, Reykjavik, Gdansk, Budapest, Tallinn … the environment mightn’t thank us, but tickets to Europe’s far corners can be cheap cheap cheap. 

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is about two-and-a-half hours away by plane and well worth a visit. The whole of the city’s stunning town centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and since this year marks the celebration of Latvia’s 100th birthday, there’s festivals, exhibitions and all the trimmings. It’s also one of the most family-friendly cities you’ll ever come across.

It doesn’t always have to be London, Berlin or Paris now does it?

Don't buy a rabbit

Much like dogs and Christmas, rabbits are not just for Easter. The legend of the Easter Bunny has traditionally caused a spike in sales of pet rabbits in April. 

But of course you’re not able to chuck them out with the chocolate wrappers. 

Rabbits may seem like perfectly low-maintenance pets but they can live as long as ten years. Also, they chew everything in site and don’t actually like being held, petted or cuddled. So with the novelty sure to wear off, it’s no surprise pet stores actually refrain from selling bunnies during Easter.

A third of the 67,000 rabbits that are rescued annually in the UK were purchased within six months. It mightn’t get a lot of press, but abandoned rabbits are a recurring problem. So instead of buying a living, breathing rabbit, opt instead for a chocolatey one.

That all got a bit depressing didn’t it. OK, go on - let’s talk telly. 

A very British TV binge

We said we wouldn’t - but we’re human too. The sky may be blue and the sun may be shining, but it’s not T-shirt weather quite yet. 

So if the great outdoors in +10 doesn’t appeal, the warmth of the TV rarely disappoints. Holidays are a time for the family to be together - and no-one’s going to downplay the role TV can play in that. 

So … Game of Thrones, yes we’re there again, is back for its eighth and final season. Whether you’re a dyed in the wool fanatic or need a jump-start in what the fuss is all about, a long weekend could be the perfect time to tune in and catch the murderousness in all its glory.

If you’re after a show that features characters who are a little less power hungry, emphasis on little, we’d highly recommend Jed Mercurio’s Line of Duty, which regularly hooks 7.8 million viewers. Tense, fast-paced, dramatic - the show follows anti-corruption unit AC-12 as it pursues bad guy cops.

Short series, constant twists and big set-pieces, this is one show that’s manageably-bingeworthy (Oxford dictionary inclusion circa 2023?).

A parting shot: if it has to be a TV Easter then maybe wait ‘till after the big clean? Just a thought. Just a thought … 

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